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[ NNSquad ] Re: Google / Verizon "net neutrality" conference call complete - quick summary

Google and Verizon in a happy meal deal? You don't mess with me, and I wont mess with you, (for now)?
Its all to stave off regulation folks, and provide enough loopholes as possible for future bad behavior, and extortive pricing, nothing more, nothing less (after the furor over NN dies down).
Based on past actions of BOTH of these parties, we can not expect anything more positive, I dont!

Bob Frankston wrote:
n-net-neutrality/ I find the whole thing problematic with Google ceding the
network to Verizon so it can use its network to sell services.

Therefore, our proposal would allow broadband providers to offer additional,
differentiated online services, in addition to the Internet access and video
services (such as Verizon's FIOS TV) offered

Once you accept the idea that Verizon gets first dibs at the entire
infrastructure what does it mean to be "neutral"? What is a "Internet access

It's nothing but business as usual with a dollop of Internet on the side of
Verizon's private network.

We haven't addressed the fundamental problem that you can't make money
selling bits if there are too many bits and you can't fund the
infrastructure by selling services unless the service provider has an unfair
advantage in offering services on their network.

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Subject: [ NNSquad ] Google / Verizon "net neutrality" conference call
complete - quick summary

A joint (very short notice) conference call between the Google and Verizon CEOs has completed. Very brief nutshell from my notes:

1) The firms vigorously deny that they made any carriage or related
   deals.  They declared recent reporting to the contrary to be totally

2) The firms set forth a "Joint Policy Agreement" including seven
   principles that they would like to see broadly implemented.

3) Of the seven principles, I view five of them as entirely

4) Principle #6 on different handling of wireline and wireless
   data invokes some issues that need to be discussed.

5) Principle #5 on the creation of "non-Internet" differentiated
   services (which Google's CEO pledged not to use) appears
   significantly problematic in a number of respects, and was
   (appropriately) the focus of virtually all questions on the call.

Google has posted the principles at:

http://bit.ly/cpO0bU  (Google Public Policy Blog)

I'll write up my thoughts on all this in more detail as soon as possible.

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