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[ NNSquad ] I'm Briefly Discussing President Obama's Reported Internet Wiretapping Proposal Tonight on "Coast to Coast AM" Radio

    I'm Briefly Discussing President Obama's Reported Internet Wiretapping 
               Proposal Tonight on "Coast to Coast AM" Radio


Greetings.  Crucial Internet issues seem to be crawling out of the
woodwork over the last few weeks, and the latest is today's New York
Times report that the Obama administration will be seeking sweeping
new Internet wiretapping regulations, apparently including a
requirement for all encrypted communications to be capable of being
decrypted on demand by the government ( http://bit.ly/aNCf7v 
[New York Times] ).

While we haven't seen any details yet, on its face this appears to be
a dramatic, and (I believe it's reasonable for me to assert) radical
expansion of surveillance capabilities, previously associated with
countries such as Saudi Arabia (e.g. their recent demands for RIM
BlackBerry communications access).

Such sweeping surveillance requirements by the U.S. would enormously
increase security risks by fundamentally weakening the critical
underpinnings of end-to-end encryption structures and systems.

I'll obviously have much more to say on this topic as details emerge.

I've been booked back onto "Coast to Coast AM" tonight to very briefly
discuss the reported proposal, during the news segment that starts
around 10 PM PDT ( http://bit.ly/9ycqqY [Lauren's Blog] ).

Station List: http://bit.ly/aa2R2N  (Coast to Coast AM)
Coast to Coast AM "Backgrounder": http://bit.ly/blIexR  (Wired)

This will likely be an extremely brief segment -- just a few 
minutes -- but hopefully enough for now to at least raise some 
awareness about such an extremely important issue.

Be seeing you.

Lauren Weinstein (lauren@vortex.com)
Tel: +1 (818) 225-2800
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