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[ NNSquad ] Re: NYTimes: U.S. wants access to *all* encrypted Internet communications

This goes to the heart of a number of policy issues in which we implicitly
assume we're in a kingdom in which everything derives from a central
authority. In this case it's the assumption that there must be a service
provider. I'm acutely aware of this misunderstanding as I try to shift the
focus from networking as a services to networking as something we do using
any available facilities.

Even if we use today's cellular system as a bit path we can do encryption as
part of a software applications and indeed the enabling technology is now a
standard part of software libraries. I don't know the details of
Blackberry's implementation but it can be designed to give a corporate IT
department control over encryption without sharing the data with RIM.

I'm reminded of George Lakoff's Moral Politics and the presumption of
hierarchical authority. We need to articulate and explain how we systems can
come to be by compositing individual efforts. This is the real magic of the
Internet -- the ability to reinvent our infrastructure by agreeing on a few
common protocols. Once we have basic protocols in place we can have smaller
communities cooperate without even an awareness of their existence.

No wonder "authorities" are troubled by such development. I can understand
the discomfort that comes without not knowing what is going on but no matter
how much we may wish to feel in control we can't simply erect a wall to
reassert control. At least, not without causing great harm in the effort to
prevent harm.

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NYTimes: U.S. wants access to *all* encrypted Internet communications

http://bit.ly/b7iSFC  (New York Times)

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