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[ NNSquad ] Waxman now backs FCC reclassification of ISPs [plus Hitler invoked]

Waxman now backs FCC reclassification of ISPs [plus Hitler invoked]

http://bit.ly/9KVHiy  (The Hill)

  "In a dramatic move, Rep. Henry Waxman on Wednesday said the Federal
   Communications Commission (FCC) should use its power to regulate
   Internet service providers."

 - - -

While I'm on record as supporting the general concept of reclassification,
either Title II or "Third Way" -- I also (as you might guess) am not
enthusiastic about further dunking these critical issues into the
toxic acid of Big Lies politics and astroturf.

If the FCC attempts to act now, the political backlash (keeping in mind
the increasingly bipartisan nature of politicians now encumbered to
Big Telecom and related coffer funding) will be intense.  Probably the
only related bill likely to get through Congress in the near future would
be one *forbidding* the FCC to do much of anything in this area.

The debate has been poisoned by hardliners on both ends.  The
anti-neutrality faction attempts to claim that imposing any
regulations on ISPs creates censorship -- seemingly using logic
similar to those who feel that preventing corporations from secretly
using vast funds to "buy" elections somehow imposes on their free
speech rights.  (I can't find "corporate rights" anywhere in the
Constitution or Bill of Rights -- I see many references related to
*individuals* however.)

And the anti-neutrality operatives have been very successful at
confusing people and inciting the worst kinds of passions -- note the
references to Hitler in the comments to the article linked above!

Meanwhile, some hardliners on the pro-net-neutrality side have taken
to using terms like "traitor" for anyone who doesn't agree with their
tactical approaches, even those who actually support much of their
underlying policy views on the subject.

Any attempts at forging consensus or compromise positions are
condemned from both ends as a sell out -- or worse.

Where should we go from here?  Where can we go from here?

There are some interesting possibilities.  Stay tuned.  
Much more to come.

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