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[ NNSquad ] ACS Law looking into google search pollution

Someone on torrent freak has had a look at the emails and theres some
interesting info on "reputation protection"

I wonder how many other companies do this sort of thing?

"6. I have come across a service designed to protect reputations
damaged by the internet. My own IT guy is involved. This is how he
describes it; it may be of interest: There are 2 aspects to the work:-
Prevention and Removal. The basic principle is that we identify the
clients key properties to protect:- Company Name; Director Names;
Staff Names; Product Names; Service Names.  For prevention, we aim to
dominate the first 5 pages of Google with search results to pages we
control. We build mini websites, social media profile pages, articles,
hub pages, to flood the internet with positive information. We create
it in such a way that no one suspects it is done purposely for brand
protection. If there is negative press (any website) that is already
published, we use tactics to move those web page results off the first
5 pages of Google. Normally no one searches past the first 5 pages. We
also help manage their brand/reputation on social media sites
(Facebook/Twitter etc..) by registering all available profiles in
their name and holding them to prevent anyone getting them and
publishing negative information. We also monitor Staff commentary on
social media sites about their ?work? to ensure they are not
writing negatively about their company, boss or clients.  The cost is
typically £150 per month for a minimum of 12 months, as it can
sometimes take 3 ? 4 months to see any results. (due to the way
Google works) "


  [ The subjects of "reputation management" and potentially related
    "dispute resolutions" vis-a-vis Google search results are complex
    enough -- and I've said lots about them elsewhere -- that I won't
    say much here on the topics.

Just two notes. First, whether or not you pay someone to
create "good" information to try swamp out "bad" information,
there's no guarantee how long such procedures will be effective,
assuming they have the desired effect in the first place. Google ranking algorithms are continually being tweaked, mostly
in very small increments, but even those can add up and interact in
complex ways.
Which leads us to the second point, which actually is relevant to
these subjects. It's an old saying. "You can pick your friends.
And you can pick your nose. But you can't pick your friend's

    Think about it.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to figure out a particularly
    relevant way to work "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
    into this comment.

     -- Lauren Weinstein
        NNSquad Moderator ]

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