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[ NNSquad ] Re: Ars technica on BGP concerns

Of course. The Internet routing system is modeled after SS7 with hard outer
shell and a soft trusted inner core. Oh, the outer shell isn't hard. So what
do you expect? Like the DNS it is designed to fail!

The answer is not more "security" in the style of ITU's hierarchical
authority system.

It doesn't help that we have a hyper-complex routing system that doesn't
take advantage of the fact that most physical devices in the infrastructure
don't move around. Instead we not only assume everything is in motion, we
also have to route around arbitrary telecom pricing and settlement system.
On top of that, as per the DNS, we expect the network to keep track of the
end points.

The post office knows routing a lot better than the IETF. It has a
(relatively) stable infrastructure and leaves it to the users to map their
location to a network transit point (AKA, a physical or logical address).
The irony is that mobility would be easier if we didn't try to collapse
routing and naming into one system with a single identifier that was good
for neither.

This is why we need new protocols that aren't dependent on naïve trust and
need an infrastructure that isn't primarily about creating billable events.

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Ars technica on BGP concerns

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