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[ NNSquad ] Google's Jeff Dean: ""Building Software Systems at Google and Lessons Learned" [video]

"Building Software Systems at Google and Lessons Learned"

On 10 November, Google's Jeff Dean, who joined the firm way back in
1999, gave a talk for Stanford's EE380 (Distinguished Lecture Series)
titled:  "Building Software Systems at Google and Lessons Learned" --
discussing a broad range of technical issues associated with scaling
systems in manners necessitated by Google.

I thought this was a highly "accessible" lecture and pointed various
people at the original video URL ( http://bit.ly/i3tWAt [ Stanford ]
), but since this is a Windows Media ("asx") stream, I got messages
back from folks asking if there was an alternative format/location for
the talk (there didn't seem to be).

So for now at least I've transcoded and placed the lecture on YouTube
as a multipart playlist at:  

http://bit.ly/hbBmua  (YouTube)

Well worth watching.

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