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[ NNSquad ] Re: Steven Bellovin: Comments on the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

The aged-based rationalization is very worrisome. It doesn't help that
"adult" has become a synonym for "sexual".

At a more general level one consequence of electronic connectivity is to gut
the protections afforded against unreasonable search and seizure and prior
restraint. For that matter I don't understand how agreeing that I won't
engage in illegal behavior passes Fifth Amendment muster.

BTW. This week's New Yorker has an article
_lepore) on the US Constitution and originalism -- the idea that we have to
live in the context of the 18th century as if none of the new-fangled ideas
should impact what is considered a sacred document -- obey the letter but
not the spirit.

This is a Lakoff-type divide between those who believe in the fixed
hierarchical world of the 18th century and a more ambiguous view. In the
hierarchical world everything has its place and context didn't matter. Even
then identity was a complex concept but it's tempting to fit the ideas into
the rigid framing. Today the geographic certainty has given ways to new
relationships defined without simple boundaries.

Alas, the idea of identity solving our problems is far too seductive to be
easily dismissed.

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Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

Steven Bellovin: Comments on the National Strategy
for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

http://bit.ly/gRs9tC  (SMBlog - 11 July 2010)

   "However, I fear it will be a large effort that will do little, and
    will pose a threat to our privacy."

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Lauren's addendum:

By the way, a Congressional staffer who contacts me on privacy issues
from time to time, sent me a note a few days ago regarding NSTIC.  He
said "his boss" is all excited about the NSTIC initiative, because he
hopes it will finally give Congress a way to impose age-based access
controls (my term: "censorship") on Web sites.  The theory:
NSTIC-based credentials would provide a way to verify the age of
users, and pressure on sites would quickly lead to their requiring
NSTIC authentication.  (Remember, NSTIC proponents claim the
*government* won't require NSTIC credentials, but any given Web site

More on this later.

Ref: Obama's "Trusted Internet ID" Scheme Announcements: Reading
Between the Lines ( http://bit.ly/hW9w5y [Google Buzz] )

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