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[ NNSquad ] Re: AT&T imposing DSL and U-verse bandwidth caps, fees for "excess" use

And those 2% are the ones trying to define the future.

Remember that in the 1970's ATT would've reminded us that no one uses packet
networks and thus they shouldn't be forced to provide a service for naked
packets and instead only allow packets associated with a tariffed service.

Modems were probably far less than 1% of the traffic in the 60's so why
would ATT have permitted them to abuse the voice lines with their chatter.

Any company that can squash the leading edge can prevent the future,
especially when it is a threat.

Of course this is all about the accounting model in which we assume that the
gatekeepers must make a profit no matter what the cost to society. With a
different accounting model the rationalization for caps would disappear.

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AT&T imposing DSL and U-verse bandwidth caps, fees for "excess" use

http://j.mp/esGMKS  (Engadget)

"AT&T U-Verse TV service won't count towards the GB cap"

Translation: Screw you, Netflix!

"Less than 2 percent of our Internet customers could be
impacted by this approach"

Of course, that assumes no increase in usage, which assumes
the predicted increases in video streaming don't come to pass.
But then, the incentive here is clear -- don't watch
or use competing Internet services that count against the cap,
get U-verse and watch AT&T video services and your usage won't
apply against the cap!

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