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[ NNSquad ] Re: United blames 5 hour computer outage on "network connectivity issue"

Whatever the reason is this should be a wakeup call for responsible
engineering. What if this had been a real emergency ...

Perhaps the problem is that we have too few failure so accept complacent
engineering which is brittle rather than resilient. Why, for example, isn't
there sufficient local information to board and operate planes even if there
is an outage. Failure is always an option.

Whether it's a rat chewing a wire or a woman in Georgia stealing copper or
cat (especially one that likes to sit on my keyboard and lean against the
on/off button my monitor) these need to be taken in stride and not shut down
the entire system.

I wonder who many fire departments use Google maps and expect them to work
when the communications networks are out?

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United Airlines blames 5 hour computer outage on "network connectivity
http://j.mp/iWp4Zu  (This message in Google Buzz)

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http://j.mp/kvDxid  (NPR Article)

United's explanation is a bit vague, but luckily through my own sources
I've been able to obtain photographic evidence of the actual cause:

http://j.mp/m865A7  (Lauren's Blog [JPG])

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