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[ NNSquad ] WashPost: "Innovators, data will set you free"

WashPost: "Innovators, data will set you free"

http://j.mp/pZkxfd  (Washington Post)

    "The pace of data creation on the Internet is growing at an
     exponential rate. In any 48-hour period in 2010, more data was
     created than had been created by all of humanity in the past
     30,000 years, according to a presentation by entrepreneur Yuri
     Milner. By the year 2020, that same amount of data will be
     created in a single hour. "Information wants to be free,"
     declared writer Stewart Brand, and so does all of this data. In
     fact, the big data movement - organizations scrambling to make
     sense of all this data - may be the single most profound trend
     that the Web has created in the past 12 months."

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