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[ NNSquad ] My thoughts on the accidentally leaked "Google Platforms" memo

My thoughts on the accidentally leaked "Google Platforms" memo
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The memo:

http://j.mp/qjTjuK  (Silicon Angle)

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My thoughts:

First, while it may not be obvious to most outside observers, it has
become clear to me (via my many interactions with Google over the
years), that there is enormous open discussion and soul-searching on
many important issues within Google itself, including a relatively
enormous range of internal discussion lists and such.

This is a Good Thing. It is a crucial component that many other large
firms do not foster to the same (or in many cases to any) degree.

As for the meat of the memo itself -- there was nothing there that
struck me as really surprising, and certainly not earth-shattering. In
fact, it tended to confirm observational evidence in mostly very
positive ways.

Finally, it's is my strong belief that the sorts of
engineering-related issues (to the extent that they are actual matters
of concern) identified in the memo can be dealt with in a
straightforward manner given the will to do so. (I say this even
though I've had my own run-ins with the Chrome browser team related to
their philosophy regarding options!)

Perhaps most importantly, the kind of autocratic "employees as
consumables" attitude noted in regard to Amazon (and this is a not at
all an uncommon people handling methodology at many firms) would seem
much more difficult to alter for the better, especially in the short
to medium term.

It's people, not servers and screens, that make or break a company in
the end. Treat your people like human beings and you have an immediate
advantage overall, even when there are other issues that could benefit
from improvement.

This is a major strength for Google, a truth that the existence of
this memo strongly reinforces.

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