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[ NNSquad ] Spammers and other evildoers leveraging DNS flaws to "piggyback" on legitimate domains

Spammers and other evildoers leveraging DNS flaws to "piggyback" on legitimate domains

http://j.mp/rmAcFj  (ISC Diary)

    "What if I could hack your organization and abuse your company's
     reputation - and what if I could do it without your firewall, IDS,
     IPS, or your host-based badware detection making a peep?

     What if I could use your organization's good name to sell ED drugs,
     questionable Facebook "apps," shady online "personal ads," or to
     distribute porn that would make a sailor blush?

     What if I did all of that, and you didn't know? What if the hack
     itself took place on a machine you didn't directly control and only
     accessed rarely?  And what if the hack was so subtle, so obscure, and
     so difficult to find that once I had it in place, it might be years
     before you ever stumbled across it - if you ever stumbled across it?"

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