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[ NNSquad ] Raping by the Domain-Industrial Complex Continues: Family gTLDs for $500, 000

Raping by the Domain-Industrial Complex Continues: Family gTLDs for $500,000

http://j.mp/nOHxQT  (ReadWriteWeb)

   "Now we have dotFamilyName getting into the action and promising your
    own gTLD for "as little as $500,000" for your family, to provide the
    ultimate cachet for the ultra-wealthy. Yes, you read that right. Half
    a million can buy you a lot of domains that cost at best $30 a year.
    When I got the press release today, I first thought it was a joke. But
    no, this company really thinks it has a business model here. "Only"
    1000 gTLDs will be created, and only after filing a 200-page
    application.  Is this the "apex of the Internet" or the most exclusive
    or unique luxury digital item you can think of? Perhaps not, but it
    certainly the most ridiculous."

 - - -

ICANN has turned the Domain Name System into a wasteful, dangerous
protection racket, that will suck billions of dollars out of people's
pockets around the world -- that could have been used for far more
useful purposes in a depressed global economy -- directly into the
coffers of ICANN and the rest of the well-heeled "Ain't we smart for
comin' up with this scam!" domain-industrial complex exploitation

I'm trying to keep this polite.

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