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[ NNSquad ] FBI Official Calls for Secure, Alternate Internet

FBI Official Calls for Secure, Alternate Internet

http://j.mp/qk4xTq  (military.com)

    "In an Associated Press interview Thursday, Henry said jihadist
     militants looking to harm the U.S. can tap organized crime groups who
     are willing to sell their services and abilities to attack computer
     systems. He would not say which terror group or whether any insurgent
     networks have actually been able to acquire the high-tech
     capabilities.  But he said one way to protect critical utility and
     financial systems would be to set up a separate, highly secure
     Internet.  Henry sketched out the Internet idea to a crowd at a
     conference of the International Systems Security Association, saying
     that cyberthreats will always continue to evolve and outpace efforts
     to defend networks against them."

 - - -

I won't even begin here to discuss the myriad reasons why this
approach is so incredibly problematic and -- dare I say it --
technologically naive.

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