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[ NNSquad ] FTC to monitor Google privacy practices for next 20 years

FTC to monitor Google privacy practices for next 20 years

http://j.mp/uMNBVQ  (TPM)

    "The FTC's settlement with Google requires the company to inform
     and obtain its users' consent before it shares any of their
     information with third parties, and subjects the company to 20
     years of privacy audits every two years by an independent third
     party monitoring service. The audits are meant to ensure that
     Google is living up to its promises about what it is doing with
     its users' personal information. The company is also required to
     implement a comprehensive 'privacy program.'"

 - - -

When are we going to see similar requirements placed by the FTC on the
purposely abusive "privacy" practices of Facebook, rather than only
targeting the incidental (and I would argue, enormously less severe)
Google privacy issues that the FTC has made such a big deal about
under pressure from Google's adversaries?

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