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[ NNSquad ] House of Representatives declares nuclear war on Internet Freedoms around the world

House of Representatives declares nuclear war on Internet Freedoms
around the world

http://j.mp/swTa1x  (Techdirt)

    "Oh, and because PROTECT IP wasn't enough of a misleading and idiotic
     name, the House has upped the ante. The new bill is called: "the
     Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on Theft
     and Exploitation Act" or the E-PARASITE Act (though, they also say you
     can call it the "Stopping Online Piracy Act").
     And it's not just foreign sites impacted by this law (despite what
     supporters would have you believe). It appears to expand who would
     have to take on the entire burdens of enforcing this blacklist --
     broadly naming "service providers" as defined in the DMCA. That's
     significant, because a big part of this bill is to undermine and strip
     away the safe harbors of the DMCA.
     On top of that, the bill says any attempt to get around such blocks
     can lead to liability. Would this put liability on things like
     MAFIAAfire? It sure sounds like it:  To ensure compliance with orders
     issued pursuant to this section, the Attorney General may bring an
     action for injunctive relief....  against any entity that knowingly
     and willfully provides or offers to provide a product or service
     designed or marketed for the circumvention or bypassing of measures
     described in paragraph (2) and taken in response to a court order
     issued pursuant to this subsection, to enjoin such entity from
     interfering with the order by continuing to provide or offer to
     provide such product or service."

 - - -

No doubt the entire world will be pleased to have the U.S. censorship
Gestapo controlling the globe's Internet in this manner.  Will the
rest of the world just sit quietly and let the U.S. turn the Internet
into the entertainment industry giants' wet dream version of a police

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