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[ NNSquad ] MPAA Excitement! - Firefighters support Internet Censorship, because ... uh ... well ...

MPAA Excitement! - Firefighters support Internet Censorship, because ... uh ... well ...

http://j.mp/vdklKC  (TechDirt)

   "Want to know just how desperate the folks at the MPAA are getting in
    their attempt to turn back the clock and outlaw all sorts of
    innovation? They're reaching the absolute bottom of the barrel,
    touting the fact that firefighers have come out in favor of PROTECT
    IP/E-PARASITE. What the hell do firefighters have to do with
    understanding detailed concepts like free speech, censorship, prior
    restraint, third party internet liability, and related topics? If you
    said absolutely, positively, nothing at all, you'd be correct. So, why
    are firefighters suddenly in favor of the censorship of the internet
    in America? It's not hard to guess, given how DC lobbying works these
    days ..."

 - - -

The MPAA material linked from Techdirt is a hoot, quoting statements
that attempt to explain how Internet sites (and by extension, the
search engines that link to them) can "fund other criminal
enterprises and fuel violent crime in our communities here at home."
[actual quote]

And presumably how before there was an Internet, there was no crime at all!
Public enemies number #1 - "Those damned computer scientists and their
damned electronic computer thingies." [not an actual quote]

Achtung!!! Think of the children! 

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