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[ NNSquad ] Massive Internet Outage blamed on Juniper routers

Massive Internet Outage blamed on Juniper routers

http://j.mp/sPisRG  (Silicon)

    "A global internet outage took down sites and services across the web
     on Monday.  The outage began shortly after 2pm, and affected telco
     Time Warner Cable in the US and numerous ISPs in the UK, including
     Eclipse Internet and Easynet.  Several of the affected companies
     blamed the downtime on a problem with the firmware in Juniper Network
     routers.  "This outage has affected other networks running Juniper
     routers with the majority of them seeing their devices core dump and
     reload," affected ISP Phyber Communications said."

 - - -

Time Warner has said their entire Internet network operation was
affected by this.  I've been having connectivity problems on one of my
primary circuits since late yesterday and continuing now that may or
may not be related.  I'll see if this message makes it out.

NNSquad Moderator