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[ NNSquad ] Darpa Begs Hackers: Secure Our Networks

Darpa Begs Hackers: Secure Our Networks

http://j.mp/soauqH  (Wired)

   "There's about 700 people packed into this ballroom, listening to Darpa
    or military speakers, snacking on bowls of M&M's and sipping
    blueberry-infused lemonade. Some are in uniform. More are in business
    suits. A few have wallet chains, DayGlo sneakers and ponytails. That
    latter cohort is whom Darpa is really interested in: "visionary
    hackers," in the words of Darpa spokesman Eric Mazzacone."

 - - -

It could reasonably be argued that my entire professional career --
such as it is -- can be traced back to DARPA/ARPA in the form of the
early ARPANET. Having said that, the environment back then was wholly
different from now, especially in terms of today's rush toward
traditional "military solutions" for network security issues, plus the
entire misguided concept of "cyberwar." So while I appreciate DARPA
ostensibly looking for new viewpoints and techniques, I would still
assert, *Beware of DoD operatives bearing gifts.*

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