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[ NNSquad ] Google+ pages for NNSquad - PFIR - PRIVACY Forum - GCTIP now available

Google+ pages for NNSquad - PFIR - PRIVACY Forum - GCTIP now available

I have created pages for NNSquad (Network Neutrality Squad), 
PFIR (People For Internet Responsibility), the PRIVACY Forum, 
and GCTIP (Global Coalition for Transparent Internet Performance) 
using the brand new Google+ pages facility.

They are essentially blank slates right now, but please feel free to
follow any or all of them if you're a Google+ user interested in these
areas.  My intention is to use these spaces for materials and
discussions that are inappropriate or unwieldy on the lists
themselves.  My policies regarding appropriate and polite *behavior*
on the lists are extended to the Google+ pages, of course.


NNSquad on G+: http://j.mp/tfWKny

PFIR on G+: http://j.mp/uq0WLn

PRIVACY Forum on G+ - http://j.mp/ukfq8u

GCTIP on G+ - http://j.mp/tBbnEg

Lauren Weinstein (lauren@vortex.com): http://www.vortex.com/lauren 
Co-Founder: People For Internet Responsibility: http://www.pfir.org 
 - Network Neutrality Squad: http://www.nnsquad.org 
 - Global Coalition for Transparent Internet Performance: http://www.gctip.org
 - PRIVACY Forum: http://www.vortex.com 
Member: ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy
Blog: http://lauren.vortex.com 
Google+: http://vortex.com/g+lauren 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/laurenweinstein 
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