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[ NNSquad ] Google BigQuery Service: Big data analytics at Google speed

Google BigQuery Service: Big data analytics at Google speed

http://j.mp/vRVaGz  (Google Enterprise Blog)

   "Michael J. Franklin, Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley,
    remarked that BigQuery (internally known as Dremel) leverages
    "thousands of machines to process data at a scale that is simply
    jaw-dropping given the current state of the art." We're looking
    forward to helping businesses innovate faster by harnessing their own
    large data sets. BigQuery is available free of charge for now, and
    we'll let customers know at least 30 days before the free period ends.
    We're bringing on a new batch of pilot customers, so let us know if
    your business wants to test-drive BigQuery Service." 

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Dremel <-> "Drilling down" in data.  With lots of nifty attachments, too.

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