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[ NNSquad ] Famous 1st Amendment Lawyer says SOPA/E-PARASITE is just peachy

Famous 1st Amendment Lawyer says SOPA/E-PARASITE is just peachy

http://j.mp/tr0Bhp  (ars technica)

   "Of course, it's probably not a coincidence that the Abrams letter was
    sponsored by Hollywood. Seltzer suggested that there's a divergence of
    opinion between lawyers who mostly work with content companies on the
    one hand and lawyers who mostly work with technology companies on the
    other. "Spending more time with parties involved in the big
    entertainment industry and less time with the Googles and Facebooks
    and other kinds of creative enterprise" causes people to become more
    complacent about the First Amendment implications of tougher copyright

 - - -

Right on point, Wendy [Seltzer].

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