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[ NNSquad ] Android ICS currently does not support Flash

Android ICS currently does not support Flash

http://j.mp/sQ71mR  (mobile burn)

    "Those who were lucky enough to get a Google Galaxy Nexus in the UK and
     other countries where it launched last week might have discovered that
     the phone does not have Adobe Flash Player pre-installed, and the app
     is not available for download from the Android Market."

 - - -

Android ICS apparently does not support the existing Flash Player.
Surprise! If delivery of a compatible player stays on schedule (by the
end of the year) this should be a relatively controlled problem given
the limited deployment of ICS right now. However, with Adobe pledging
no new versions of mobile Flash, this could indeed become a real
problem post-ICS, unless those later Android versions carefully
maintain compatibility with the existing "end of the line" Flash
player (unless relevant development continues outside Adobe). Those
persons who think HTML5 will very quickly supplant Flash even on all
major sites are I believe being overly optimistic, especially since
Adobe will apparently be continuing to develop Flash for non-mobile
platforms. Even with a major HTML5 conversion effort Web-wide,
important materials that can only be viewed with Flash are likely to
be present for many years.

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