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[ NNSquad ] Business Group Backs Off from SOPA Support / Senator Promises PIPA Filibuster / EU Commission Pans Copyright

Business Group Backs Off from SOPA Support 

http://j.mp/vqRC4e  (ars technica)

   "After initially coming out in favor of the Stop Online Piracy Act, the
    controversial and sweeping copyright protection measure now moving
    through Congress, the Business Software Alliance now seems to be
    reversing itself as the legislation progresses."

Senator Promises PIPA Filibuster  

http://j.mp/tjUP33  (Wired)

   "Senator Promises But Wyden's office reports Monday that there's
    movement afoot to undo that hold, 60 Senate votes are needed. And the
    vote could come following the Thanksgiving holiday.  If PIPA reaches
    the floor, Wyden promises he will exercise another Senate rule: the

EU Commission Pans Copyright

http://j.mp/uEy6dm  (ZDNET)

   "People have come to see copyright as a tool of punishment, Europe's
    technology chief has said in her strongest-yet attack on the current
    copyright system.  Digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes said on
    Saturday that the creative industries had to embrace rather than
    resist new technological ways of distributing artistic works. She
    added that the existing copyright system was not rewarding the vast
    majority of artists."

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SOPA may be far from "Gone with the Wind," but it's looking 
more and more like "Ishtar."

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