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[ NNSquad ] Protecting data for the long term with forward secrecy

Protecting data for the long term with forward secrecy

http://j.mp/v0dI6W  (Google Online Security Blog)

   "Forward secrecy requires that the private keys for a connection are
    not kept in persistent storage. An adversary that breaks a single key
    will no longer be able to decrypt months' worth of connections; in
    fact, not even the server operator will be able to retroactively
    decrypt HTTPS sessions.  Forward secret HTTPS is now live for Gmail
    and many other Google HTTPS services(*), like SSL Search, Docs and
    Google+. We have also released the work that we did on the open source
    OpenSSL library that made this possible."

 - - -

*Excellent* work.  Congrats to the team(s) responsible.

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