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[ NNSquad ] Pakistan postpones massive text messaging censorship list

Pakistan postpones massive text messaging censorship list

http://j.mp/vCBdhO  (Daily Caller)

    As of this writing, text messages containing the words "poop," "damn,"
    "athlete's foot," "monkey crotch" and "flogging the dolphin" are still
    making it over the airwaves in Pakistan. The Pakistan
    Telecommunications Authority (PTA) recently moved to ban the shameless
    trafficking in profanity, but they appear to have run into enforcement
    difficulties and postponed the measure.  According to a letter from
    the PTA chief dated November 14, the ban requires mobile providers to
    police their networks for a list of 1,600 banned words - around 1,000
    in English, the rest in Urdu - remove the offensive content and report
    statistics back to the regulatory authority. The letter claims the
    goal of the ban is "to protect the interests of consumers."

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An-d thos baans r reely haarde 2 gette arund tue, eh?

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