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[ NNSquad ] SOPA on the ropes? Bipartisan alternative to 'Net censorship emerges

SOPA on the ropes? Bipartisan alternative to 'Net censorship emerges

http://j.mp/spJzXZ  (ars technical)

    "Here's the plan, according to a draft seen by Ars Technica: online
     piracy from overseas sites will be taken away from the Attorney
     General and moved out of the courts. Instead, power will be vested in
     the International Trade Commission, which already handles IP disputes
     relating to imports (the ITC is heavily involved in the recent patent
     wars around smartphones, for instance).

     The government won't bring cases, either; rightsholders can petition
     the ITC for a "cease and desist" order, but only when the site in
     question is foreign and is "primarily" and "willfully" violating US
     law. Sites would be notified and would have a right to be heard before
     decisions are made in most cases, and rulings could be appealed to a
     US court if desired by either party. ("Urgent" requests could get
     preliminary and temporary letters based on a one-sided hearing, but
     the process also envisions "sanctions" for any company that tries to
     abuse the ITC process.)

     Sites which are truly bent on counterfeiting and piracy are unlikely
     to pay much attention to a US-based cease and desist order, of course,
     so the new plan envisions two remedies. If such an order is issued,
     Internet advertising firms and financial providers would have to stop
     offering credit card payments and ads to the site in question. Website
     blocking by ISPs and DNS providers is not part of the plan, nor would
     search engines or others be required to remove links to such content."

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