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[ NNSquad ] Trade in surveillance technology raises worries

Trade in surveillance technology raises worries

http://j.mp/vXHDrU  (Washington Post)

    The products of what Lucas calls the "lawful intercept" industry
    are developed mainly in Western nations such as the United States
    but are sold all over the world with few restrictions.  This
    burgeoning trade has alarmed human rights activists and privacy
    advocates, who call for greater regulation because the technology
    has ended up in the hands of repressive governments such as those
    of Syria, Iran and China.
    But the overwhelming U.S. government response has been to engage in
    the event not as a potential regulator but as a customer.
    Representatives of 43 countries also were there, Lucas said, as
    were many people from state and local law enforcement agencies.
    Journalists and members of the public were excluded.  On offer
    were products that allow users to track hundreds of cellphones at
    once, read e-mails by the tens of thousands, even get a computer
    to snap a picture of its owner and send the image to police - or
    anyone else who buys the software. One product uses phony updates
    for iTunes and other popular programs to infiltrate personal

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