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[ NNSquad ] Why Both Sides of the Piracy Issue Applaud SOPA Delay (Analysis)

Why Both Sides of the Piracy Issue Applaud SOPA Delay (Analysis)

http://j.mp/t22NdZ  (Hollywood Reporter)

   "Whether it is revived next week or next year - and betting is now that
    it won't resurface until after the holiday break - one thing is
    becoming clear. This is a great issue over which politicians can raise
    funds from donors on both sides - which is exactly what is likely to
    happen in the next few weeks and months.  This bill has strong support
    from the MPAA, the drug industry, guilds and unions and others, all of
    whom regularly give to their favorite politicians.  It has growing
    opposition from Google, eBay and a long list of technology companies,
    Internet companies, free speech advocates and others who don't like
    pirates, but feel this bill goes too far in giving the government and
    copyright holders the power to shut down websites just because they
    believe they are mainly about piracy."

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