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[ NNSquad ] Datamining for Hackers - Skype Information Leakage and decoding of encrypted packets

Datamining for Hackers - Skype Information Leakage and decoding of
encrypted packets

http://j.mp/spIFdh  (YouTube / ~1 hour)

   "This talk presents Traffic Mining (TM) particularly in regard to VoiP
    applications such as Skype. TM is a method to digest and understand
    large quantities of data. Voice over IP (VoIP) has experienced a
    tremendous growth over the last few years and is now widely used among
    the population and for business purposes. The security of such VoIP
    systems is often assumed, creating a false sense of privacy. Stefan
    will present research into leakage of information from Skype, a widely
    used and protected VoIP application.  Experiments have shown that
    isolated phonemes can be classified and given sentences identified. By
    using the dynamic time warping (DTW) algorithm, frequently used in
    speech processing, an accuracy of 60% can be reached. The results can
    be further improved by choosing specific training data and reach an
    accuracy of 83% under specific conditions."

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