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[ NNSquad ] Fake antivirus phishing attacks on Android

Fake antivirus phishing attacks on Android

http://j.mp/uQ2atU  (Securelist)

  "There is no secret that cybercriminals try to intimidate users very
   often in order to infect their machines. We've seen a lot of examples
   of cybercriminals using black SEO for redirecting users to web pages
   which emulate AV scanning. And there is no surprise that the results
   of such 'scanning' show that the user's machine is infected with a lot
   of dangerous malicious apps and it is very essential to download and
   install a brand new 'antivirus program' which is actually fake AV.
   But what about smartphones and mobile phones? Cybercriminals have
   started to use almost the same techniques in order to force users to
   download and install malware. But in this case we talk about SMS
   Trojans with fake AV rudiments. Here are some details."

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