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[ NNSquad ] Megaupload seizure raises new sharing fears; Bennett to represent Megaupload

Megaupload shutdown raises new Internet-sharing fears

http://j.mp/wTBdWh  (Washington Post)

     The Justice Department's shutdown of the popular file-sharing
     site Megaupload.com reverberated across the Internet on Friday,
     sparking fresh questions for major Web companies while rattling
     millions of users of sites like it ... The FBI's action raises
     many questions about who oversees copyright on the Web and how
     far the government can go. Web organizations questioned whether
     the government has the right to shut sites down for hosting
     pirated content, as it did in the case of Megaupload, without
     allowing companies to defend themselves in court first.

 - - -

Renowned attorney Bennett to represent Megaupload

http://j.mp/yjyJXY  (AP / Cincinnati)

     When Megaupload executives arrive in court to answer charges that they
     orchestrated a massive online piracy scheme, they'll be backed by a
     prominent lawyer who has defended Bill Clinton against sexual
     harassment charges and Enron against allegations of corporate fraud.

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