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[ NNSquad ] Why doesn't Washington understand the Internet?

Why doesn't Washington understand the Internet?

http://j.mp/xCKG1G  (Washington Post)

   "But Washington is waking up to the new reality: Politics as usual is
    not compatible with the Internet age, especially when it comes to laws
    and regulations governing the Web. And the Internet's key players -
    along with millions of passionate users who have tended to view
    Washington as disconnected from their lives - are realizing that they
    can't ignore what happens on Capitol Hill. Both sides must now face
    the long-simmering culture clash between Washington and the Internet,
    with implications that go far beyond a temporary Wikipedia blackout."
  - - -

A quick comment on the Megaupload case.  I'm not in a position to judge the
extent to which the operators of the site were guilty (or not) of crimes.
However, the seizure of the site, which undoubtedly included the data of
vast numbers of legitimate users, is very disturbing.  What happens to
those users' data?  Who has access to it?  How do these data owners ever get
their data back?  The situation seems analogous to seizing all of the
safe deposit boxes in a bank because (unknown to many or most of the renters
of those boxes) the owners of the bank were engaged in a criminal enterprise.
This is not acceptable -- except maybe in the old Soviet Union.

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