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[ NNSquad ] DHS idiots arrest and deport British visitors based on Twitter nonsense

DHS idiots arrest and deport British visitors based on Twitter nonsense

http://j.mp/y15LGG   (The Sun)

    TWO pals were barred from entering the US after innocent tweets
    joking about "destroying America" were picked up by the country's
    anti-terror cops.  US special agents monitoring Twitter spotted
    Leigh Van Bryan's messages weeks before he left for a holiday in
    Los Angeles with pal Emily Bunting.  Leigh, who also quipped about
    "digging up Marilyn Monroe" on Twitter, said they were treated
    like terrorists on arrival at a Los Angeles International Airport.
    The pair were held by armed guards and quizzed for five hours
    before being handcuffed, put in a van with illegal immigrants and
    locked up overnight ... Despite telling officials at LAX airport
    the term "destroy" was British slang for partying, the pair were
    held on suspicion of planning to "commit crimes".

 - - -

If DHS is taking stuff like this seriously and treating people this
way based on such nonsense, we are all blankin' doomed -- not from
terrorists, but from the "public servants" who are supposed to be
protecting us. This is just insane. No wonder the rest of the world
increasingly thinks of us as jerks. By the way, Marilyn Monroe isn't
even buried. She's in an above ground mausoleum. So "digging her up"
wouldn't have made sense anyway. Madness.

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