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[ NNSquad ] More on the ridiculous DHS Twitter case

More on the ridiculous DHS Twitter case

http://j.mp/zZQME1  (Daily Mail)
    'I couldn't believe it because it was a quote from the comedy Family
     Guy which is an American show.  As a result of this message, the
     pair's luggage was searched for spades 'It got even more ridiculous
     because the officials searched our suitcases and said they were
     looking for spades and shovels. They did a full body search on me too.
     'We just wanted to have a good time on holiday. That was all Leigh
     meant in his tweet. He would not hurt anyone.' ... 
     Bar manager Leigh, from Coventry, and Emily, 24, from Birmingham,
     were then quizzed for five hours at LAX before they were handcuffed
     and put into a van with illegal immigrants and locked up overnight.
     They spent 12 hours in separate holding cells before being driven back
     to the airport where they were put on a plane home via Paris.

 - - -

I'd like to know why the hell DHS is wasting their time and our money
monitoring Tweets in these kinds of Kafkaesque operations.  I keep finding
myself referring to Kafka in relation to DHS.  It's difficult to come up
with more suitable parallels without invoking ghosts of East Germany.
Be sure to check out the DHS paperwork displayed along with the article
referenced above.  I can't help but wonder what DHS will do when Anonymous
and other groups start to lace their Tweets and other social networking
postings with all manner of imaginative and "provocative" goodies.  And yes,
Marilyn is still safe in her West L.A. mausoleum slot, and isn't likely
to be "dug up" with shovels anytime soon.  

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