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[ NNSquad ] Facebook Is Not Your Friend

Facebook Is Not Your Friend

http://j.mp/IDH4jw  (Huffington)

  "Trust is essential for the success of any brand. Mark Zuckerberg may
   think that Facebook's recurrent privacy flaps haven't much affected
   the sometimes anti-social social network, but they represent a huge
   potential threat to what he has built. The high-handed manner in which
   members' personal information has been treated, the lack of
   consultation or even communication with them beforehand, Facebook's
   growing domination of the entire social networking sphere,
   Zuckerberg's constant and very public declarations of the death of
   privacy and his seeming imposition of new social norms all feed
   growing fears that he and Facebook itself simply can not be trusted.
   As Zuckerberg's fellow CEOs from the legacy media should have already
   learned, losing the trust of your audience is the first step in losing
   your audience itself -- and eventually the power of your brand."
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