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[ NNSquad ] What the EU's nutty new cookie rules look like on Web sites

What the EU's nutty new cookie rules look like on Web sites

  - - -

OK gang, this one had me laughing out loud -- and that's a pretty
good trick given the mood I'm in much of the time these days.

As you know, the European Union has gone wacko on new Web cookie rules,
practically declaring cookies to be Public Enemy #1.  It's utterly insane.

But what do these rules actually lead to on real Web sites?

The main British Telecom site is a good example.  When you first
touch the home page, you get a pop-up warning of cookie changes, which
then leads you optionally to an explanation page which is straight
out of Kafka.  

This is supposed to make the user experience better?  Ordinary users
are supposed to understand and act on this information?  

http://j.mp/KL6ZVP  (BT)

Cookies + Politicians + Bureaucrats = "We're All Bozos on This Bus"

Laugh Out Loud, indeed.  Too bad it's not really funny, at all.

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