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[ NNSquad ] Troves of Personal Data, Forbidden to Researchers

Troves of Personal Data, Forbidden to Researchers

http://j.mp/Me5jUO  (New York Times)

     Facebook and Microsoft declined to comment on the issue. Hal
     Varian, Google's chief economist, said he sympathized with the
     idea of open data but added that the privacy issues were
     significant.  "This is one of the reasons the general pattern at
     Google is to try to release data to everyone or no one," he said.
     "I have been working to get companies to release more data about
     their industries. The idea is that you can provide proprietary
     data aggregated in a way that poses no threats to privacy."

  - - -

This is perhaps a quintessential example of why this area is so
complex, and why anyone suggesting that these issues are "easily"
resolvable is likely either naive or lying.

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