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[ NNSquad ] Hoping for FiOS, some cities now feel abandoned by Verizon

Hoping for FiOS, some cities now feel abandoned by Verizon

http://j.mp/Lj2odJ  (philly.com)

   "Years after Verizon Communications Inc. wired the suburbs of Boston,
    Buffalo, and Baltimore with superfast Internet, more than one million
    residents in the poorer urban neighborhoods of those metro areas are
    still waiting for FiOS.  Ditto, according to a union representing
    Verizon workers, for Syracuse, Albany, Erie, Scranton, and other
    Northeast cities. No FiOS.  City officials didn't think that would
    last. They believed - hoped - that Verizon would get around to them to
    compete head to head with the cable companies."

 - - -

The technical term is "cherry picking" -- and it's part of the complex
of outright lies (promising deployments that never occurred) that
Verizon and other major carriers have used to restrain competition
for decades.

Note that this is a three page story -- don't miss the additional
two pages.

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