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[ NNSquad ] Off Topic: If you have a Chumby Internet appliance, please read this if you want to keep using it!

Off Topic: If you have a Chumby Internet appliance, please read this
if you want to keep using it!

http://j.mp/MDHinJ  (This message on Google+)

You may be familiar with the wonderful little "Chumby" Internet
audio/radio/video/widget appliance.  I won't try describe it here,
there's lots of info to be found.  Unfortunately, the company no
longer has any employees and is in the hands of a trustee.  The
servers that support the various Chumby (Linux-based) systems are
still running, with apparently no immediate plans for shutdown, but no
guarantee of how long they'll run, either.  That's the bad news.

The good news is that key folks behind Chumby and the really quite
amazing Chumby user community are working to keep things going, with
alternate plans for the Forums, widgets, etc., and perhaps most
importantly alternate firmware already available that can be easily
installed to make the Chumby units independent of the Chumby servers,
for continued functionality.  That is, they don't have to turn into
bricks the way some devices do when their companies falter.  A primary
Chumby ex-employee is even trying to informally help people with
exchanges in case of problems, since their warranties can no longer
officially be honored.

Chumby and its users are demonstrating the best of the Linux-based
community in action, even when times aren't good.

Here is a link into the (still running) Chumby Forums for the
standalone firmware suitable for the common Chumby One and related
units.  You can explore the Forums for similar firmware for other
Chumby and Insignia devices or other aspects of Chumby's past or
ongoing situation.

Since I've been a Chumby user for quite some time, I'll try help with
questions to the best of my ability.

http://j.mp/MDHJ1p  (Chumby)

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