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[ NNSquad ] Re: I've been Applejacked but plan to fight back

I think it was around 2004 when I looked into buying music from iTunes.

At the time, one could not even browse the music catalog without logging in.
One could not create a account without providing a credit card. No CC, no Login.

Wow.  Strike Two.

So in the meantime, I asked in an apple forum somewhere, what the process was for getting purchased iTunes onto a non-Apple playback device.
Answer was to burn the file to CD (as audio) and then re-rip to MP3. Of course this loses the ID3 information, so any advantage of the CDDB would be completely lost.

Strike Three.

( you may wonder when did strike one occur? When I was about 14 and had the opportunity to play with  a Mac - yes, one of the first mac's) but wanted the pinout for the serial port so I could hook up my modem to the mac. I didn't have the money for a cable at the time.. but had all the parts around. Getting that information from Apple was impossible. They told me to ask a apple support dealer. I'd ask a dealer and they'd want to sell me a cable or would tell me I needed a developer contract of sorts (it was thousands of dollars) -- yea. I'm 14. Not going to happen. So I simply went on to using computers around me with more available information. )

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