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[ NNSquad ] Facebook: the most congenitally dishonest company in America

Facebook: the most congenitally dishonest company in America

http://j.mp/KLPqar  (Scholars and Rogues)

   "Write this down: when companies roll out changes under cover of the
    dark, when they "improve" things without making a huge deal of it,
    when they continually behave in ways that require them to remind you
    that you knew about this and that you like it even when you're pretty
    sure you don't, you're being lied to.
    That's who Jeff Zuckerberg is. That's who his people are. That's what
    his company is. They're America's most prominent corporate weasels -
    yes, this is saying something - and the day a viable competitor
    arrives to put them out of business can't get here fast enough."

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