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[ NNSquad ] Amazon Data Center Loses Power During Storm

Amazon Data Center Loses Power During Storm

http://j.mp/O2HXUt  (Data Center Knowledge)

   "An Amazon Web Services data center in northern Virginia lost power
    Friday night, causing extended downtime for services includng Netflix,
    Heroku, Pinterest , Instagram and many others. The incident occurred
    as a powerful electrical storm struck the Washington, D.C. area,
    leaving as many as 1.5 million residents without power.
    The outage marked the second time this month that the Amazon data
    center hosting the US-East-1 availability zone lost power during a
    utility outage. Major data centers are equipped with large backup
    generators to maintain power during utlity outages, but the Amazon
    facility was apparently unable to make the switch to backup power.
    Amazon experienced an outage June 15 in its US-East-1 availability
    zone that was triggered by a series of failures in the power
    infrastructure, including the failure of a generator cooling fan while
    the facility was on emergency power. The same data center also
    experienced problems early Friday, when customers experienced
    connectivity problems."

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