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[ NNSquad ] Reports of Facebook email "disaster" in progress

Reports of Facebook email "disaster" in progress

http://j.mp/N4souJ  (CNET)

   "An alarming number of people are reporting that the new e-mail address
    Facebook forced on users this week is changing their address books
    while intercepting and losing unknown amounts of e-mail.  Facebook
    users say contacts' e-mail addresses on phones and personal devices
    have been altered without their consent -- and their e-mail
    communication is being redirected elsewhere, and lost."

 - - -

Reports of Facebook email disaster -- user@facebook.com forced email
address change apparently triggering massive collateral damage to
sync'd address books, lost email, and more.  Explain to me how the
bright boys and girls at Facebook didn't anticipate that suddenly
changing so many users' email addresses without their specific
permissions wouldn't be a gigantic Facebook #fail?

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