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[ NNSquad ] "How a Lone Grad Student Scooped the Government and What It Means for Your Online Privacy"

"How a Lone Grad Student Scooped the Government and What It Means for
Your Online Privacy"

http://j.mp/LJNBu2  (ProPublica)

   "To defend against hackers, filtered computers are standard in the
    government, but they are problematic for officials who are trying to
    discover dishonest activity on the Web; it's a bit like telling a cop
    he can't patrol in high-crime neighborhoods. A handful of unfiltered
    computers are available in restricted labs at the FTC's headquarters
    on Pennsylvania Avenue and its satellite offices on New Jersey Avenue
    and M Street, but this is an ungainly setup. Rather than leaving their
    office, waiting for an elevator, swiping their ID badges across a
    sensor at the lab's locked door and logging into a computer soaked
    with malware (because the lab computers are used to test suspicious
    applications and websites), the technologists have instead stayed in
    their office and tethered their personal laptops to their personal
    cellphones. The office does not have a window, and the cell signals
    are not strong; even by phone standards, their Web connection is slow."

 - - -

This is actually a pretty interesting article on technical and policy
inanities at the FTC.  However, it also repeats the tired, misleading
memes about Google, cookies and Wi-Fi.  For accurate discussion of
those issues, please see on my blog: "Google, Safari, and a Clamor of
Cookie Confusion": http://j.mp/xGZRcT and "'Highly Illogical": The
Hysteria Over Google's Wi-Fi Scanning:  http://bit.ly/9680wb

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