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[ NNSquad ] Wasting Valuable Time: "The Declaration of Internet Rights"

Wasting Valuable Time: "The Declaration of Internet Rights"

"We Stand for a Free and Open Internet: The Declaration of Internet Rights"

http://j.mp/N7BXJe  (Public Knowledge)

   "Public Knowledge is excited to be part of the 91 organizations and 38
    influencers signing on to the Declaration of Internet Freedom, which
    launched today.  As Cory Doctorow succinctly put it, "There is no
    copyright policy, only Internet policy; there is no Internet policy,
    only policy." Today's focus on increased IP enforcement will have a
    dramatic impact on the way people interact with the most democratic
    communications platform that has ever existed: the internet.
    Disproportionate IP enforcement will stifle creativity and create
    gatekeepers that block the free flow of information online."

 - - -

Another declaration.  Words, words, words.

If any kind of declaration is going to be useful to protect Internet
freedoms, it's going to be much closer to a Declaration of War than
anything else.  In today's political environment, what's really needed
is a Super PAC aimed at getting people elected who have their brains
in the 21st century, not in the 19th and earlier.  If we don't start
"playing the game" the way the "big boys" do in Washington and around
the world, we're going to be crushed like bugs.

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