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[ NNSquad ] Verizon again claiming net neutrality abuses Verizon's rights

Verizon again claiming net neutrality abuses Verizon's rights

http://j.mp/Nugczw  (ars technica)

   "Verizon pressed its argument against the Federal Communications
    Commission's new network neutrality rules on Monday; filing a legal
    brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. The
    company argued the FCC's rules not only exceeded the agency's
    regulatory authority, but also violated network owners' constitutional
    rights. Specifically, Verizon believes that the FCC is threatening its
    First Amendment right to freedom of speech and its property rights
    under the Fifth Amendment."

 - - -

Verizon would not exist today if not for monopoly grants given decades
ago to General Telephone and other regional telcos.  Verizon still
uses most of the same buildings, trenches, poles, rights of way, and
other facilities they used in monopoly grant days.  This gave them an
enormous boost over any later competition.  What's more, they have
outright lied about FiOS deployment plans, stopping after
cherry-picking the most lucrative portions of their service regions,
after promising much broader deployments.  They have aggresively
lobbied against anything that would generate real competition, and are
now in collusion with cable companies to restrict spectrum
competition.  Verizon's protests are entirely unconvincing.

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