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[ NNSquad ] Bad ruling: Forgetting to log out gives permission for snooping

Bad ruling: Forgetting to log out gives permission for snooping

http://j.mp/Nje9jX  (ars technica)

   "According to New Jersey law, a person is guilty if he "knowingly
    accesses without authorization a facility through which an electronic
    communication service is provided or exceeds an authorization to
    access that facility." The judge ruled that Marcus, not Rogers, had
    accessed her email. So Rogers was on safe ground on the "access"
    question. However, the judge let the jury decide whether Rogers had
    exceeded the "authorization" Marcus had accidentally granted to him.
    The jury ruled that he had not."

 - - -

So, like, if a store forgets to lock up one night is it OK for the
locals to come around and clean the place out?

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