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[ NNSquad ] Wireless Firms Are Flooded by Requests to Aid Surveillance

Wireless Firms Are Flooded by Requests to Aid Surveillance

http://j.mp/PwYO3x  (New York Times)

   "I never expected it to be this massive," said Representative Ed
    Markey, the Massachusetts Democrat who requested the data from nine
    carriers, including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, in response to
    an article in April in The New York Times on law enforcement's
    expanded use of cell tracking. Mr. Markey, who is co-chairman of the
    Bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus, made the carriers' responses
    available to The Times ... For instance, when a police agency asks for
    a cell tower "dump" for data on subscribers who were near a tower
    during a certain period of time, it may get back hundreds or even
    thousands of names.

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